Fortnite is back online after the game was sucked into a black hole and unplayable for almost 40 hours. Fans of the game waited anxiously for the new season to start to experience new skins, weapons and map changes that usually come with each new season. What they got was almost an entirely new game. 

Fortnite Chapter 2, season 1 kicked off with an entirely new map, weapons, vehicles and more! The opening scene shows characters landing in the new world and running off to explore the surroundings. At the end of the intro you are shown inside the battle bus with everyone inside dancing, having a party. One of the most known characters in the game, Jonesy then stands up and jumps out the back of the bus thrusting you into your first match of the game.

While players were excited about a new map, they may have noticed something odd when trying to decide where to land. The whole map is blacked/grayed out with question marks displayed as names leaving players to discover the new land on their own. As you move throughout the map and visit locations, the area becomes normal and the name appears as you discover the brand new world. There are many new locations this season with some including, Sweaty Sands, Weeping Woods, and Holly Hedges with some older/familiar ones as well like, Retail Row, Salty Springs, and Pleasant Park with all getting a facelift to blend in with the new surroundings.

Although the map has completely changed and has added many features like lakes, rivers, and ponds, there are so many more changes that almost make the game feel entirely new. Features that standout include…

  • Fishing. Players can grab a rod and fish in the many bodies of water and catch all kinds of items. Things like, ammo, materials, weapons and yes, fish! Different color fish can help you regain health and shield when eaten.
  • Vehicles. Being that there are so many bodies of water in the new map, Fortnite has now added boats as the primary vehicle.
  • Hiding Spots. Players can now jump inside large trash bins and hay bales to hide or sneak attack their opponents.
  • Weapons. Classic weapons like tactical/pump shotguns, assault rifles, SMG’s all remain in the game with burst rifles being added back. Bolt-actions are the only sniper weapon now and there is a new support rocket that shoots bandages to injured teammates/players.
  • “Carry” option. A cool added function is the new “carry” feature. This is where you can carry injured or “knocked” teammates out of danger for a safer place to revive them. You can also carry enemy’s around for a fun little bonus.

Of course the new season comes with brand new skins, accessories, and emotes that come in the battle pass that are well designed and fun.

All in all, Epic Games did an incredible job with creating something big for their fans with many raving about all the new changes. With almost everything being brand new, the game feels fresh and exciting making the already insanely popular game even more hype.  

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