Your computer. Your Way. Do you want it to look a certain way? Perform a certain way?  

                  Are you a Gamer? A Youtuber? A Content Creator? A Graphical Artist? A Videographer?

Customised build.

Our custom-built PCs give you an opportunity to design your own computer with your specifications, this means complete freedom to integrate the best internal components, hardware and cards. We provide the required assistance for you to select the best components such as motherboard, CPU, memory, hard disk, graphics card, monitor and accessories like keyboard, mouse, speakers, webcam.

We can also provide expert advice on configuring a gaming pc based on your needs (Tell us which game you are wanting to play!)


All of our customised computers are built within your budget (where possible), and our team can suggest component alternatives to you meaning you get a cost-effective custom-built computer that meets your requirements and expectations.

We guarantee you a high satisfaction with our services as we have vast experience in building custom computers for a variety of customers.


Our primary aim is to provide a high-quality custom-built computer to you within your budget and needs.

Many of the components we integrate into your computers have a manufacturer warranty for a limited time period to protect your components against any malfunctions. Such warranties allow you to get the component replaced or serviced by the manufacturer without any additional cost to you. Our support and warranty coverage means you get a quality and trouble-free experience and a ready to use machine.

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