At Evolve Gaming PC we offer full and unique gaming computer builds using Intel or AMD components. All of our builds are custom-built for each user which means you can get a gaming computer, or powerful all-rounder exactly to your specs.

Unique Look and Performance

  • Unique Bright Green Extension Cables
  • Glass panels making that color pop
  • Watercooling?
  • RGB Overload?
  • Overclocking?

Not a problem, and with quick turn around times we just require a 50% deposit to get started. All computer parts sourced through EGPC come with 3 years warranty.

Nothing fits what I need

If you aren’t sure what you need or if you can’t find it on our site, you can request a call back at a time that best suits you. From there we discuss on what you’re trying to achieve as well as the budget you have in mind for your custom computer build. Remember we work with you to obtain the best possible results! Contact us for more information.

Free ongoing support

That’s Right
It may surprise you to find out how much can be achieved remotely at a limited cost – give us a call to take advantage of our no charge support If we cannot resolve the issue over the phone we can try a screen share session or discuss an onsite visit in Campbelltown. We may need to organise parts/replacements, we can discuss this as required.

Computer Installations

If you aren’t sure where to start we can set up your new PC, install printers and monitors, even install your software so your new computer is ready to go.

Computer repairs and support

Something not quite right? We may need to diagnose the issue, if it’s simple and can be done remotely, there is generally no charge for the support. If we need to order or repair broken, outdated or obsolete parts – you’ll get a no-nonsense quote from us.

 0478 00 99 51