Evolve your PC Experience


EGPC assists clients with all their computer needs, ranging from budget conscious consultancy right through to supplying and building your custom computer.

Do you want to be the next big streamer? A Youtube content creator? 

Are you working in CAD with 3D modeling?

Are you working as a video technician with a lot of encoding work?

We put the system together for what you need. At your price point. Our work is always custom with no computer the exact same way as each of our customers are different with different needs.

Give us a call on 0478 009 951 to speak to your personal PC Specalist.


What we do

The way we sell PCs are “Ready to go” Not only plug and play – plug and game. We often install games (where possible) in advance so they can plug in at home and immediately start gaming on their new build.

We do state that everyone is different so why shouldn’t your build be? If you want a feel, or a particular colour palette we can make that happen with RGB custom sleeved cables for free at no additional cost to the customer.

We buy all our components from our wholesalers, passing on the savings to the customer direct, we are a family and friends run business with an extremely close team with over 15 years experience in the IT sector and games for all of our lives.

We understand how important is it for a computer to perform in the heat of the moment, so we strive to offer the absolute best components with the price point being affordable while offering that performance to aesthetics balance.

Gaming PC Consulting

Building a computer for a particular game? Let us know your poison and we’ll draw up the specs! To get the best PC for your budget, we’ll ask you about performance needs, if your PC will be your main all-rounder computer or if you want an extreme build.

Custom PC Builds

We source the latest and best performing PC components from trusted brands and test each custom build so that your computer goes home with you ready to play.

Custom Quotation

Are you after a computer that is built to suit your needs? Gaming, Video Editing or Business. We can custom build your computer.

 0478 00 99 51