Gold Aluminium 8PIN Comb

Gold Aluminium 8PIN Comb

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Rigorous Standards & Testing

Building a PC let alone a Gaming PC is not just 'DONE' when you hit the on button.

We test all builds for 24 hours, pushing the CPU, GPU and overall health of the PC to it's limits ensuring a stable, preforming, quiet and cool product.

This is to ensure that when PC builds do leave us our customers and us know that they aren't taking home a lemon PC.

Warranties & Support


We're the same as most offering 3 years warranty on our products.

HOWEVER. We go above and beyond.

We don't make our customers wait 4+ weeks for a resolution from a retailer or manufacturer we asses and replace the component with a BRAND NEW replacement NOT a refurbished component. If available we swap them out NEXT DAY!

Outside of the warranty term we replace things for cost should something go wrong, and do the replacing for FREE.

This is the Evolve Way!